Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will winnings be paid into my bank account automatically?

 Any withdrawals need to be requested. We endeavour to have cleared funds  in customers’ accounts by noon the next day so there is no waiting 3-5 working days like some other Bookmakers.

2. Can I reverse a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are now irreversible.


3. How do I make deposit?

Deposits can be made by calling the office on 08000 421321 or 03333 221321 on our website or via Telegram messenger


4. Are my bank details secure?

Most certainly. Your debit card details are stored securely on our Merchant Bank portal. All numbers are encrypted bar the last four so when topping up all you need to gives us is your 3 digit CVV number.

5. Are all horse races best odds guaranteed?

We are best odds guaranteed for UK Horse Racing, Irish, South African and Meydan racing as well as UK greyhound racing

6. Will I get paid on first past the post and an amended result?

We pay out on the first past the post winner and the official result in any UK and Irish horserace. Horses must carry the correct weight over the correct course.

7. Do you close winning accounts?

Most bookies close certain accounts. It is not as prevalent as the media make out though and in our case about 20% of our customers are showing a profit overall and we have no plans to close them anytime soon. If the vast majority of a customer’s bets are on shorteners this would normally raise concerns.

8. Do you offer the best odds?

We offer our own competitive odds; they may not always be the best but we like to think our money back offers more than make up for it, plus of course if the SP is bigger you’ll get it!

9. What is your maximum stake?

Ideally we don’t want our customers to go over £3,000 per bet. We take social responsibility very seriously and try and keep stakes sensible.

10. If I am excluded from all online sites via Gamstop can I still bet with you?

As telephone operators we are not included in the Gamstop scheme so you can still open an account with us however we would appreciate it if you could let us know so we can agree a deposit limit and can monitor the account closely.

11. Why do you only do telephone betting?

Many operators are shutting their call centres in a drive to get everyone betting online however we feel there is a big demand for telephone betting. Some people feel placing a bet on a apps or websites can be a cold and calculating experience and can possibly lose more money than they intended. We are happy to specialise just on telephone betting where there are no distractions like online casinos.

12. What’s your minimum stake per call?

Just £10!


13. How long do you take to answer?

We have many operators so your call would normally be answered within 5 seconds.

14. What happens if a mistake is made when I place my bets?

Very occasionally errors do occur but the good news is all calls are recorded so any queries can be rectified quickly.

15. Is there a free bet opening offer?

A lot of bookmakers do dangle a carrot by offering a sign up offer however we don’t tend to go down this route. We want longevity with our customers and we’re confident our permanent money backs will more than make up for no opening offer.