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WhatsApp betting is a simple and secure way to place your bets. 

Working much the same as text betting service, once you have registered an account with us all you need to do is WhatsApp us on 07756 648902 including your account number in the initial text. We’ll link your telephone number to your account and you’re good to go.

You’ll be able to bet by text, as well as enquire about your balance or the latest odds. Scroll down to read our WhatsApp betting terms and rules.

07756 648902

Goodwin Racing have markets covering all major sporting events including horse racing, football, greyhound racing and more. Those with a Goodwin Racing betting account benefit from quick decisions, quick payouts and our legendary betting offers.

If you wish to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team, then why not try our more traditional telephone betting service

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Below you’ll find the Goodwin Racing WhatsApp betting rules, terms and conditions. It is important to check these rules prior to making your first bet via WhatsApp. 

Our WhatsApp betting number is: 07956 648902

The opening hours for our WhatsApp betting service are: 08:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Sunday.

You must have registered a telephone betting account via our registration page or by telephone to place bets using WhatsApp.

Minimum bet stake is £10. Smaller bets than this will not be accepted,  Please call 08000 421 321 for smaller stakes.

You must have available funds in your betting account to place bets using WhatsApp. If you have no funds, no bets will be placed. If you have insufficient funds for the bet requested we will proportion stake eg £25 ew requested, £20 in balance = £10 ew placed.

When your bet is placed we will text you “BET PLACED” or the GREEN WHATSAPP TICK. Bets are not on until you have received either of these.

If you haven’t received a bet confirmed text before the event start time it is your responsibility to phone and ask if your bet has been placed.

No bets after the off will be accepted, we do not recommend betting by WhatsApp when close to the start time.

We will endeavor to quote you latest odds, however if odds have changed before bet is placed we will text you with new odds for you to either confirm or not.

The max stake for BOG to apply is £1000 win or £500 ew. Any additional stake will placed at the current odds unless SP is stated.

We reserve the right to refuse any bet or part of bet. All of our usual rules apply.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure the security of their account and we will not be liable to any loss that may occur due to misuse/fraud of your phone/Goodwin Racing account.

If customers delete messages they will have the use of this service revoked.

You can use WhatsApp to contact us if you would like to use any of our player protection tools.

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