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With our brand new Whats App betting service
you can place bets, get your latest balance or obtain prices.

WhatsApp betting is a simple and secure way to place your bets. Once you have registered an account with us all you need to do is WhatsApp us on 07933 618430 including your account number in the initial text.

We Will Then Link Your Telephone Number With The Number You Have Registered On Your Account.​


The number for WhatsApp betting is: 07933 618430

The opening hours for Whats App betting are: 08:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Saturdays, 10:am to 9:00pm Sunday.

You must have registered a telephone betting account via our registration page or by telephone to place bets via WhatsApp.

We can only accept requests via WhatsApp from the telephone number registered on your telephone betting account.

You must have available funds in your account to place bets over WhatsApp. If you have no funds no bets will be placed. If you have insufficient funds for the bet requested we will proportion stake eg £25 ew requested, £20 in balance = £10 ew placed.

When your bet is placed we will text you “BET PLACED”.

We cannot accept any deposit or withdrawal requests via whatsApp, these must be done over either the telephone or on our online deposit page.

If you haven’t received a bet confirmed text before the event start time it is your responsibility to phone and ask if your bet has been placed.

No bets after the off will be accepted, we recommend phoning your bets through if within 5 mins of the off time.

Due to the constant price fluctuations we do not generally accept in-play bets . Exceptions to this rule would be: half time in a football match, tea breaks in cricket, golf outright betting. You will be text “phone for odds” if are not taking bets inplay via WhatsApp.

We will endeavor to quote you latest odds, however if odds have changed before bet is placed we will text you with new odds for you to either confirm or not.

We reserve the right to refuse any bet or part of bet. All of our usual rules apply.

We will use the WhatsApp time stamp on our systems for request/bet placement times.

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