Were the bookies right not to allow Dettori bets?

Frankie Dettori

It was met with great surprise when on Friday punters struggled to get their multiple bets on Frankie’s mounts. The firm in question Bet365 took a lot of criticism from certain corners but weren’t they just acting prudently? Bet365 are pretty much accepted to be the market leaders in the online game so they must have thought long and hard about making this decision as they must have known it would attract some negative press.

 Thursday was a big wake up call for the industry  where he rode the first four winners at accumulative sp odds of 449/1. All on line companies offer BOG so all punters take the early price so the true odds that people were getting was 1000/1 for the acca. It was a miracle the fifth horse didn’t win as it traded at 1.36 in running and it was generally accepted that Dettori got a bit excited and went for home too early. This would have given the industry a massive problem as not only would the accumulator have now been 13,000/1 but there was a still another leg to go and the price had long gone. Potentially this could wipe out firms profits for the year or even put their future in jeopardy and there was nothing they could do about it.

Rather than refusing the bets on Friday and Saturday perhaps they should have let the customers get on but at SP. On Saturday Frankie had just 5 mounts but the accumulative odds would be 150,000/1. A £3 Lucky 31 would pay £1,000,000. With Dettori being the talk of the town there would have been hundreds, maybe thousands of people queuing up to place these type wagers so I think 365 were being responsible in putting some kind of restriction on. If I was a shareholder of some of the other other companies who took a snipe at Bet365 I’d be a little bit concerned about their cavalier attitude…what happens if lighting strikes twice?

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