Telephone Betting on F1

Telephone betting on F1

You can bet on all the F1 races with lots of different markets such as race winner, fastest lap and podium finish.

The F1 motor racing is a real office divided, some love it and the rest would rather pull their own eyes out that than watch two hours of cars going round in circles! Granted there hasn’t been much action lately with the aerodynamics making it extremely hard to pass but as the Italian GP showed there is still plenty of excitement to be had! And with massive changes planned for the 2021 season it should make passing a lot easier.

Lewis Hamilton has been the top driver for many years now especially since joining Mercedes in 2013 but there are some red hot young drivers looking to take his mantle, Max Verstappen and Charles leClerc being two of the main contenders and it will be interesting to see if either of them can fulfil their potential in the coming years.

F1 Betting Examples:

  • Race Winner
  • Fastest Lap
  • Fastest Qualifier
  • Number Of Finishers
  • Race Match Betting
  • Winning Team                                                                                                  And many more!
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Remaining Races:

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