Poor Old Bookmakers!

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The Sandown fiasco on Saturday cost the bookmaking industry a right few bob.

A number of on course books had paid out on ‘One for Rosie’ before the new result was called. The public’s perception of on course bookies is that they are all rolling in it and something like this is just a minor hiccup. This really isn’t the case as a number of books work to very tight margins and often back the bigger price horses back on the exchanges to lock in a small profit. Some bookies are more than happy to win a couple of hundred pounds after exes for their days graft so this would have hit them hard.

No chance of compo for the books as those that were responsible point to the fact the result was changed before the ‘weigh in’ and it was their personal choice to pay earlier. In this day and age we try and give the customers the best possible service and they rightly fully expect to get paid straightaway. We don’t want to go back to the dark ages of keeping the punters waiting for 15-20 minutes; with dropping attendances we need to give them a tip top service.

In the call centre punters were ringing up directly after the change and near on demanding payment on One for Rosie. We looked on line and sure enough one or two bookies said they were going to do just this. Reluctantly we agreed and it cost us over £2,000. I am all for double result payout after a stewards enquiry but I don’t understand why we’re paying out on a horse that hasn’t even crossed the line first. It is such a competitive market place that I guess the first company to announce they were going to pay out were hoping for a lovely bit of publicity.

Lucky old punters!

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