Are The trainers right to boycott Lingfield Today?

Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting Lingfield

We’re off to Lingfield today as usual even though there is only a handful of runners. This is one of the meetings the trainers have targeted in protest of ARC’s reduction in prize money.

As stated previously ARC’s income from data rights will start to be reduced dramatically with the closure of betting shops so like any business they have to cut their cloth accordingly.

Every trainer, owner or jockey has the right not to go to certain racecourses if they wish but the way this has been handled is appalling. There has been no secret that certain trainers have organised this boycott and have been putting pressure on individuals not to attend certain meetings. How would these trainers like it if all their staff walked out until their wages went up?

This type of behaviour is not doing anything to solve the upcoming issues racing will be facing. Parties need to pull together in an adult fashion to find solutions for the challenges ahead.

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