Are customers being let down by the current online betting revolution?

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Before the world of online gambling bets were traditionally placed in shop, by telephone or at the racetrack; now the vast majority of transactions take place online…but is this a good thing?

Undoubtedly there are a number of people who thoroughly enjoy online gambling and particularly if they have a number of accounts they can get some incredible value…. however it isn’t for everyone.

Some punters who place bets by the traditional method say they feel in more control as they only back what they had planned on doing so whereas online they feel there are more distractions and temptations such as the casino product. It is generally accepted that compared to sports betting the online casino is a harder form of gambling and unlike FOBTs in betting shops there is very little limit on stakes. Credit cards are also accepted online whereas in traditional betting only debit cards or cash are taken which can reduce the customer’s chances of getting into debt.

If someone develops a gambling problem there is a good chance it will be identified when there is human interaction as it is likely the betting staff will know the customer and will be able to spot stress signs and can then offer the necessary help.

A lot of people find betting online a cold and calculating experience and they miss the interaction and banter that they have when placing bets in shop or on the telephone. With betting shops closing in their droves and companies shutting their call centres you could be forgiven in thinking that placing a non online bet will be a thing of the past. Customers no longer seem to be wanted on the telephone as a lot of the large corporations have either made the minimum call value £25 in what looks like a drive to move people online. There are however still some bookmaking gems out there who are more than happy to accommodate telephone betting whether you bet big or small!

Here at Goodwin Racing we offer both fantastic value and an efficient telephone service. We are Independent bookmakers who have been established 22 years and are happy to have a minimum of just £10 a call. All major debit cards are accepted when depositing and cleared funds will be in your bank account the following day after a withdrawal request is made. As well as Best Odds Guaranteed we have an array of permanent money back offers such as if you’re beaten by a nose or fall at the final fence when in front. To open an account ring 08000 421 321 or visit

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