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Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting

permanent £500 Money Backs
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Goodwin Racing Ltd was established in 1997 and our aim has always been to offer a polite, friendly and efficient service. Our telephone betting business is proving very popular with our ever growing customer base. We pride ourselves on being one of the quickest paying bookmakers in the business; following a withdrawal request cleared funds will be in your bank account by noon the next day.

Our offers are legendary; in addition to Best Odds Guaranteed we have an array of permanent £500 Money Backs.

If you would like to join our service please ring 08000 421 321 where you will find opening a phone betting account is very straightforward.

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Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting
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Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting


A lot of our customers just like having their bet placed quickly with a minimum of fuss however we also have many who like to form a bond and have a chat. Which ever service you prefer from your bookmaker we can accommodate. Feedback is that placing bets online can be a cold and calculating experience.


You are not dependent on having to have a strong broadband connection to bet so you’ll never have the frustration of missing that winner.


Our minimum stake per call is just £10. The big corporates generally have a minimum of £25 as they try to drive their smaller staking clients online.


For customers who like a larger bet there is no hanging around waiting for a trader’s decision.


No having to send emails that are unanswered for days. Customers can ring any time to have queries resolved promptly.

Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting


If you just miss the start of a race in most cases you can still get on. Customers are given a level of discretion that computers just can’t offer.


Our operators are trained to listen to our customers for signs of stress, change in staking or chasing losses. In a number of cases we have offered options of limits, time outs or exclusions. We feel we can offer our customers a level of protection that can’t be achieved online.


All the online bookmakers have casino sites where people may be tempted to lose money they hadn't planned on doing so. Our customers tell us they feel much more in control with no distractions.

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Customers reviews

I've always enjoyed a good wager; it is my idea of fun, I've tried all the other bookies but this firm is second to none, I have good wins at Goodwin; the odds are very fair... So why not join up and chase me over there!
Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting Duncan Norvelle
Duncan Norvelle
TV Entertainer & Comedian
I ring up Goodwins with my lucky 15's and patents. My bets are only small stakes but they never rush me and are always very friendly. I am 91 and they tell me I'm one of their oldest customers!
Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting Lonell Randell
Lionel Randell
I like betting with Goodwin Racing on football. Although they aren't always top price I enjoy our phone calls.
They are a very friendly, personable company.
Goodwin Racing Telephone Betting Geoff Cooper
Geoff Cooper

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